Fitness Coach Vs Fitness Trainer

North America is getting fatter and fatter! There are numerous studies proven this so I won’t get into all the statistics from the American College of Sports Medicine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the American Heart Association. Just trust me…as a population we are getting fatter.But wait; there are more fitness centers, gym, personal trainers and fitness related info-products then ever before…so how can this be?Here a few things that we know:

A one-size-fits-all approach to fitness does not work
Knowing biomechanics is good but effective in developing a compete fitness program
Life stages and changes in a person’s life must be taken into account when developing a fitness program
Not all fades are created equal. To embrace the latest and greatest fade is very ineffective in making consistent fitness progress
The carrot or the stick? A positive approach works much better then a fear based approach, to anything, especially fitness
Social and domestic support is crucial for starting and continuing a fitness program
In the end, we need to embrace a holistic model of fitness, working on the body alone is not enough
So, where does this leave you?If you are not getting the results your desire or if you’re not having fun with your fitness program it maybe time to take a look at fitness coaching. “But I already have a personal fitness trainer, why do I need a fitness coach?”First, if you’re not getting the results it might not be your trainer, it could be you. I’m not saying it’s your directly at fault, but there maybe some underlying situations that you and your trainer are not aware of that a good certified fitness coach could help you discover and find a solution.So what is fitness coaching?It can be called an ongoing and guided conversation and process between you and a health fitness coach that is a conversation:

Involving a comprehensive fitness-related dialogue about your needs, interests and personal active lifestyle orientations
Directed toward broad based goals of personal and health gains that are
Attained through continued involvement in physically activates which are
Adjusted occasionally according to your evolving life agenda
I know, you’re probably saying “That sounds nice, but again, I have a personal trainer.”What a personal trainer is trained and certified to do is develop the specific workout routine for you. They are to assess your currently physical abilities and limitations and develop a routine around these parameters along with your fitness goals. Then they are to ensure that you perform the routine with biometric perfection. That is want a fitness trainer is schooled and trained in. If they are performing more then this and are not properly trained and educated in that field, they are stepping out of the bounders of a trainer.A fitness coach, through and open and ongoing dialogue, will help you

Determine the best physical activity for you
Stay on track and achieve your fitness goals
Work through any resistance or sticking points
With support for all parts of your life
Basically a fitness coach will help you develop your fitness strategy and stay on track with it and a fitness/personal trainer will help you develop the tactics to get you to your goal.In this day and age we are all bombarded with so many distractions that we need to have a qualified support team around us so that we can achieve our goals with a much ‘ease’ as possible,. I believe that two key members on this team should be a fitness coach and fitness/personal trainer.If you’re not getting the results you want or if you’re bored with your current fitness program take a look at hiring a fitness coach.

The Extreme Shortage of Online Education in Professional Spa Management

According to the latest research from the American Society for Training and Development, people learn best when they receive new information in small bites, have enough time to digest it, get plenty of opportunities for practice and have help is available when needed.Studies show that most people retain information better when it’s presented in relatively brief segments, and that “water-cooler” training–the kind that happens when someone new to a job is taught how to perform a task by an experienced co-worker–is more effective than training provided in formal classroom settings because information presented where it will be used can be practiced immediately, which in turn reinforces the learning curve.In other words, the most successful training programs are about receiving information, then practicing hands-on performance, preferably with a mentor or coach nearby. These conditions can be far more effectively met with online training modules that allow both apprentice and seasoned spa managers the opportunity to refer back to the information they need at the time that they need it.Unfortunately, good online programs for spa managers and professionals in the spa industry are few and far between. A good online spa education program should prepare students for success in the spa industry. Students who enroll should be able to learn those specific business and management skills needed for successful day-to-day spa operations plus the long-range marketing and management strategies essential to sustain growth and grow profits, retain good employees and develop customer loyalty. A good online program should cover not only spa management, but operations, finance, human resources, marketing, products, and customer service as well.One very good online program is available through the The Institute of Spa Management, the leaders in online educational opportunities for spa managers, directors, owners and anyone that wants to break into the booming spa industry. Offered entirely via distance education, students study at their own pace from anywhere in the world. They also offer budget friendly payment plans that are unheard of in private education. which offers a Spa and Hospitality Management Certificate Program that covers all of the above. ISM offers full college level programs including Spa Management and Spa Ownership. They also offer individual courses that are applicable for spa professionals and hotels or spas looking for high quality in house training solutions.Students not pursuing the certificate program are welcome to take as many individual courses as they wish. Here is a lo-down of the programs and courses currently offered:ISM FULL PROGRAMS:1. Spa Management: An all-inclusive college level program that covers all aspects of spa management including but not limited to facility management, spa services and pricing management, client services, human resources, retail sales, marketing and promotions, public relations, revenue benchmarking, financial management, front office management and extensive business operations. This program is suitable for anyone wanting to become a spa manager or director; or for those already in a supervisory or management position but would like to solidify their career with cutting edge education in the industry.2. Spa Ownership – Starting a Day Spa in the US: A comprehensive college level program that will equip the graduate with all the tools necessary to confidently open an independent day spa. This program includes study in the following areas: facility design, funding and financing, business plan development, human resources, legal issues and compliance, hiring staff and management, finance and accounting management, marketing and public relations, spa equipment and inventory, spa services and competitive pricing, client relationship management and business operations.ISM INDIVIDUAL COURSES:1. Customer Service Training for Spa Managers: An intensive training course designed to provide spa managers with skills and tools necessary to manage a spa through excellent customer service. Upon completion of this course, you will have an in depth understanding of how client/spa relationships work, what it takes to keep customers happy and loyal and how to train your spa staff to excel in all aspects of client management and customer service. This course is appropriate for spa managers, supervisors and private spa owners.2. Conflict Management for Spa Personnel: Effective training to deal with spa clients and staff that increases revenues and improves client loyalty. One of the toughest parts of any spa employee’s job is dealing with daily conflicts between clients and employees and internally between staff members. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to practice and implement proven and effective ways to turn negative situations into positive experiences through progressive conflict management. This course is appropriate for spa managers, spa owners, and any spa employee anyone working with clients on a continual basis in a day or destination spa.3. Exceptional Front Desk Operations in a Spa Setting: First impressions are critical and front desk management is essential to a successful spa. Upon completion of this course, you will be trained to operate a front desk operation with expertise including staffing, scheduling, technology and reservations software, reception skills, client satisfaction departure interview techniques, and product selling at checkout. This course is appropriate for spa managers, spa owners, and anyone working at the front line of a day or destination spa.4. Human Resources for the Spa Industry: Finding, compensating and holding onto best of breed staff in the spa industry. Learn the best practices of the trade. This course covers staffing issues for day and destination spa situations including hiring, behavioral interview techniques, various compensation options, employee contracts, legal issues surrounding HR in a spa setting, creating a learning organization, training and mentoring and more. This course is appropriate for spa managers and spa owners who are responsible for hiring, payroll and supervision of spa staff.5. 3 Pillars of Spa Management: All programs and courses offered by the Institute of Spa Management are based on our trademark pillars of spa management: SPA: Specialization, Personalization and Adaptation. Exclusive to ISM, learn about the critical pillars to spa success. This is an essential course that every spa manager should take part in, to best serve clients, confidently lead staff and to ensure business success in the highly competitive spa industry. This course is appropriate for spa managers, spa owners, and any spa employee who wants to learn the fundamentals of successful spa operations.6. Spa Industry 101: If you have seriously considering a career in the spa industry, Spa Industry 101 is a great place to start your research. Study includes: History of the Spa Industry, Trends and Industry Changes: Past, Present and Future, and The Role of the Spa Manager in Today’s Spa, to name a few. This course is appropriate for anyone wanting to break into a career within the spa industry. The background information learned will become invaluable.