National Health System

One of a fairly fundamental subsystem of the National Health System (SKN) is a health care financing. The absence or no funding in the administration of optimal health efforts and other programs, is one of the main causes of not achieving health development goals that we want. Why not, almost all activities in development can not be denied, requires funding and costs. Some important factors in health financing must be considered include:* The quantity of health development budget provided by government and private sector donations.
* Level of effectiveness and efficiency of use (functionalization) of the existing budget.Therefore, health policy reform in a country should provide an important focus for health financing policy to ensure the adequacy, equity, efficiency and effectiveness. Planning and adequate health financing arrangements will help the government in a country to be able to mobilize financing sources, rationally allocate and use it efficiently and effectively. Health financing policy that prioritizes equality and pro-poor would encourage the achievement of universal access. In a broader aspect is believed that the financing in this field has contributed to social and economic development.Health service itself in recent years become very expensive both in developed countries and in developing nations. Excessive Use of health services with high technology is one of the main causes. Another cause is the dominance of health care financing with cash payment mechanisms and weak capacity in the management of resources and services itself. WHO provides the focus of health financing strategy which includes key issues, challenges, the main objective of policies and action programs in general are in following areas:* Increasing investment and public spending in health,
* Arranging the achievement of universal participation and strengthening permeliharaan poor health,
* Development praupaya financing schemes including social health insurance, excavation
* national and international support, strengthening of regulatory frameworks, and functional interventions,
* Developing policies based on scientific fact and data,
* Monitoring and evaluation.Implementation of health financing strategies in a country is directed to a few basic things namely; sustainable financing of priority health programs, a reduction in cash funding individuals, eliminate the cost barriers to access health services, equity in access to services, improving efficiency and effectiveness of resource allocation and quality of services adequate and acceptable to service users.MOH Strategic Plan 2005-2009 stated that improving health care financing is one of the four main strategies the health department in addition to mobilizing and empowering people to live healthier, improve public access to quality health services and improving surveillance systems, monitoring and health information.The target of the main strategies to improve health financing that is;* The development of health gain adequate budgeting by central and local government,
* Preferred government health budget for prevention and health promotion and
* Establishment of system of guarantee for financing in this sector, especially for the poor.

Sales Managers – Invest in the Best

Sales managers make a difference to your company every day in many ways.They help top producers produce even more. They help high potential sales people develop into stars. They help the consistent, steady producers keep chugging away. They weed out the underperformers who can’t make the grade and they help others to improve.You would think that you’d want to pick the best sales managers you could find, give them the training they need and support them. But, in many companies, that simply doesn’t happen.The Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us that 2.2 million Americans have some kind of sales management job. They work in all kinds of settings, large and small, retail and business and industrial. The majority of them have three things in common.They were promoted for the wrong reasons.They received no training in supervisory or management skills.They have people working for them. That means that if they sink instead of swim, they can take a whole sales team to the bottom with them.It doesn’t have to be this way. To change things, you need to pick people who have a shot at being successful managers, give them training in supervisory skills, and give them the support they need to grow and develop as managers.Pick people who have a shot at being successful managers.It’s almost a cliché that top salespeople often make poor sales managers, yet that’s exactly who many companies promote. Instead of looking at sales success alone consider the following.Pick people who like helping others succeed. That’s a big part of any manager’s job. Select candidates who’ve gone out of their way to help others and seem to be good at it.Pick people who are willing to talk to others about behavior and performance. This is a tough one.Many salespeople have a strong need to be liked. In management that can be deadly. Select people you’ve seen deliver tough messages to their colleagues and customers without setting off a nuclear conflict.Pick people who are willing to make decisions. You can’t teach this. You can teach techniques to improve decision making, but your candidate needs to show up willing to make decisions and be held accountable for them.Pick people who are credible. Almost all promotions to sales manager are from inside. That means that a person’s reputation follows him or her. Part of that reputation involves sales skills.I’ve found a difference between retail and industrial selling here. In industrial sales management, the manager spends less time with his or her salespeople than the retail sales manager, who works the floor and usually sells.The difference is important when you’re considering someone for promotion. In retail, you want a person who delights in helping others and who is also a great salesperson. That’s because he or she is on the floor all the time. How the sales manager sells sets the example for everyone every day.Pick people with integrity. This is another one of those things you can’t teach, but it’s essential. You have to be able to trust your managers. Their team members have to be able to trust them.Pick people who like to learn. A good sales manager will always be learning. He or she will learn about technical matters, about sales techniques and about supervisory skills. That learning starts with training.Give them training in supervisory skills.Get a bunch of top company executives and ask them what they do to train their salespeople and the noise level in the room rockets upward as they describe one thing after another. Ask those same executives what they do to train their sales managers in management and the room goes silent.Supervising salespeople is a distinct kind of work. To do it well, you have to shift your thinking from being an individual salesperson on a team to being the leader of the team. And you have to master some specific skills.Help them understand their new role. New sales managers need to spend time clarifying their new role. As sales managers they are responsible for making goal through the group. As sales managers they are responsible for helping their people succeed and develop.Help them develop skills necessary to talk to people about their behavior and performance. New sales managers need to learn the basic tools. They need to practice them in exercises before they go back on the job.Help them identify good role models and possible mentors. Initial training should point out the importance of role models and mentors. It should help new sales managers identify good ones. And it should teach the new sales manager how to use them.Help them put together their own development program. New sales managers will leave their first training with most of their learning still in front of them. Give them tools and connections that will help them learn on the job.Give them the support they need to grow and develop.Supervising others is an apprentice trade. You learn a small portion of it in classrooms and from books. You learn most of it from others and on the job.Give your sales managers lots of feedback. Feedback is the key to improved performance. New sales managers, especially, need lots of feedback on their management work in the months immediately following promotion.Help them connect with peers. Strong peer groups can help a new sales manager get advice, feedback and support.Bring them back for frequent training during the transition period. My research says that it takes twelve to eighteen months for most new sales managers to settle in to their new role and their new job. During that time, training on analyzing performance issues and talking to people about performance can really help.Sales managers don’t just have an impact on the top line by increasing sales. They also have an impact on the bottom line by reducing turnover and keeping selling expenses under control. They’re important you need to select, train and support them like the valuable assets they are.

Exercise Bicycles – The Features and Models of Best Fitness Bikes

With regards to the continuing trend in the new health and fitness equipments, exercise bikes are the most popular options in home fitness exercise. Fitness bikes give an aerobic benefit in riding bikes any day, any time and any moment you like. You can easily store this bike anywhere in your house, because it don’t take too much space and requires only proper coordination that can give you effective exercise for all users. Though other health fitness equipments will offer similar benefits, but only fitness bike can let you read newspapers or magazines and even let you watch your favorite television program while having a good exercise.Brief introductionIgnaz Schwinn with his colleague Adolph Arnold built Arnold & Schwinn Company, on the twenty-second day of October 1895. In a few years of its existence they easily become a leader as a quality manufacturer in bicycle industry. For almost 100 years, they become one of the American icons, best known and loved in terms of bicycles all through out including Paramount, Varsity, Aerocycle, Stingray, Homegrown, Krate and a lot more. They are also famous supplier of home fitness gadgets around the world. Here are some feature models of Schwinn fitness bikes that will suit your taste in home fitness equipments.Schwinn 130 Upright Fitness BikeThe Schwinn 130 shows off the full features of fitness bike that can complement all our workout programs with its six specific courses (BMI measurement, calorie goal, recovery test, quick start, result mode, and manual mode) with ten profile courses and sixteen resistance levels. It also has a LCD computer display that shows all essential workout statistics, which includes time, RPM, interval time, watts, pulse, distance, calories, speed, and resistance as well.User will really love the newest model of Schwinn 130, for it has a variety of features that range from Schwinns Biofit pedals to Bio-fit saddle, which has an adjustable handle bars with included heart-rate clench sensors and base transport wheels that protect the floors of your room and makes you keep it easy.Schwinn 231 Recumbent Fitness BikeSchwinn 231 grab the highest quality features in Schwinn, but adds few extra which includes the easier to read panels that has three angle position adjustment, a cooling fan, a comfortable ride position, slightly lowered pedal, and easy step frame. It has a handiest feature that has unquestionable anatomic design recumbent seat that also gives a dual position support for more comfortable seat.Schwinn Active 20 Recumbent Fitness Bike SeriesThe Schwinn active 20 fitness bike features eleven specific programs, a computer commanded current resistance, and belt drive structure that ensure a soft operation and even ride. It has a grip heart rate sensor that enables the user to see its fitness level. It also includes a nine-position saddle and move wheels for an easy organization after a workout.