Exercise Bicycles – The Features and Models of Best Fitness Bikes

With regards to the continuing trend in the new health and fitness equipments, exercise bikes are the most popular options in home fitness exercise. Fitness bikes give an aerobic benefit in riding bikes any day, any time and any moment you like. You can easily store this bike anywhere in your house, because it don’t take too much space and requires only proper coordination that can give you effective exercise for all users. Though other health fitness equipments will offer similar benefits, but only fitness bike can let you read newspapers or magazines and even let you watch your favorite television program while having a good exercise.Brief introductionIgnaz Schwinn with his colleague Adolph Arnold built Arnold & Schwinn Company, on the twenty-second day of October 1895. In a few years of its existence they easily become a leader as a quality manufacturer in bicycle industry. For almost 100 years, they become one of the American icons, best known and loved in terms of bicycles all through out including Paramount, Varsity, Aerocycle, Stingray, Homegrown, Krate and a lot more. They are also famous supplier of home fitness gadgets around the world. Here are some feature models of Schwinn fitness bikes that will suit your taste in home fitness equipments.Schwinn 130 Upright Fitness BikeThe Schwinn 130 shows off the full features of fitness bike that can complement all our workout programs with its six specific courses (BMI measurement, calorie goal, recovery test, quick start, result mode, and manual mode) with ten profile courses and sixteen resistance levels. It also has a LCD computer display that shows all essential workout statistics, which includes time, RPM, interval time, watts, pulse, distance, calories, speed, and resistance as well.User will really love the newest model of Schwinn 130, for it has a variety of features that range from Schwinns Biofit pedals to Bio-fit saddle, which has an adjustable handle bars with included heart-rate clench sensors and base transport wheels that protect the floors of your room and makes you keep it easy.Schwinn 231 Recumbent Fitness BikeSchwinn 231 grab the highest quality features in Schwinn, but adds few extra which includes the easier to read panels that has three angle position adjustment, a cooling fan, a comfortable ride position, slightly lowered pedal, and easy step frame. It has a handiest feature that has unquestionable anatomic design recumbent seat that also gives a dual position support for more comfortable seat.Schwinn Active 20 Recumbent Fitness Bike SeriesThe Schwinn active 20 fitness bike features eleven specific programs, a computer commanded current resistance, and belt drive structure that ensure a soft operation and even ride. It has a grip heart rate sensor that enables the user to see its fitness level. It also includes a nine-position saddle and move wheels for an easy organization after a workout.